The online platform SecondSol offers not only the newest products, but also older solar panels and discontinued products from insolvent manufacturers. The platform is therefore the perfect place for replacing damaged PV modules.

The intermediary platform SecondSol is not set up like a classical wholesaler and not only offers its users new goods. The platforms features many new and older solar panels, inverters, and other PV products that have been discontinued by the original manufacturers. The offers are not only from one supplier, but from many different ones. SecondSol connects the individual players and thus creates a large and flexible PV community. 


Many spare PV parts available

The online platform already has over 20,000 users from all over Europe and there are more than 5,000 different listings online. There are well over one hundred thousand individual articles available. 

In order to always offer users the largest possible selection of spare parts, SecondSol has more than 140,000 PV spare parts in stock, including more than 70,000 photovoltaic modules of older performance classes. These products mainly come from insolvent manufacturers and are the basis for a successful search for the right replacement module.

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Finding the right solar panel

If the searcher uses the PV marketplace, they can quickly and easily narrow down their search using the extensive filter functions to achieve the desired result. The search can be narrowed down by both technical and geometric parameters.

If the searcher uses the special spare parts search, all available and possible spare modules are automatically displayed without the user having to use any filters. All they need are the technical specifications of the PV module they want to replace. These data can be found on the data sheet or the type plate on the back of the module.

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Repairs and replications

Another feature the marketplace offers is the repair of damaged solar panels. There is a special focus on the exchange of junction boxes and bypass diodes. This has the advantage that fewer or no spare parts are needed. For this purpose, however, the products must be sent to the SecondSol workshop.

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Another exciting alternative offered by SecondSol is the possibility of replicating PV modules that are no longer available anywhere. This means that SecondSol replicates the PV module in such a way that it matches the specifications of the original.

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