Photovoltaic Module Replication

Find your spare part through a professional photovoltaic reproduction.

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An overview

Why is replicating solar panels useful?

  • Module types that aren't available anymore can be reproduced. This way, you can always be sure you have the right spare parts.
  • You can always find the right spare after a defect, damage or theft, in compliance with all regulations.
  • Independent of performance, size or colour, panels for PV systems of all ages can be recreated.
  • It can be the most cost-effective way to repair a PV system. Especially when the right spare parts are no longer on the market.

What advantages are there to a solar panel replication?

  • When replicating solar modules, the measurements like length, width and frame height can all be individually adjusted. This is a big advantage if the panel needs to be used in an existing installation.
  • The performance and technical specifications like power and voltage can be specified for each individual panel.
  • The optics are also very important for a PV system. After a replication, you not only generate enough power again, the system will look good as well.

Manufacturer-independent solar panel replication

In the way that they are constructed, PV panels are all relatively similar. A big advantage that makes replication easier, so that panels of many different types and manufacturers can be reproduced.

Broken glass

When the front glass is broken, the panel is beyond repair. In this case, a PV replication might be the only solution.

Broken cells

When single or multiple solar cells in the panel have damages (like hotspots, microcracks or broken cells) a repair is not possible.

Broken back

When the backside is broken and the junction boxes can't be fixed, a reproduction is often the only solution.

Your advantages as a SecondSol user

  • Replicate solar panels – Send us your data sheets and if possible some pictures of the front and back side and the type plate. We will take care of the replication.
  • Transport - We organise the transportation of the equipment. Just send us your address and possible pick-up times.
  • Repair / Acquisition – We are happy to repair your broken modules or purchase your used ones (including damages).
  • On-Site Service - You don't have an installer to dismantle and package your inverter? The SecondSol business network will help you out.

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Frequently asked questions about solar panel replication

Operators, installers and insurers request replications for different reasons. The damages are often caused by the weather, through conditions like hail, storm, lightning or overvoltage. But microcracks, broken cells or other damages like PID can also be the cause.

The broken panel is decisive here. That's why it is so important you supply us with a type plate and data sheet beforehand. Only then can we be sure that we have the right values from the old module.

If you want to replicate a solar panel, it is very important to note the parameters of the original. Most important are performance and technical specifications like power, voltage, short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage. The performance should not be less than in the original. If the performance in single new modules is higher, this is usually not a problem. This is different for values like power, voltage, short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage. These should be the same or only minimally higher. Experts advise a maximum of 5 to 10%. The values are determined by the chosen solar cells. The solar cells also determine the measurements of the panel like length and width. The frame height can also be individually customised.

When replicating a PV module, it is possible to take into account the different colours of the solar cells, backsheet and frame. Depending on whether monocristalline or polycristalline cells are used, the module will be either black or blue. The colour of the backsheet can also be changed. Usually, white, black or transparent films are used. It’s a similar case for the frame. Frameless modules are also an option.

Modern cristalline solar panels are relatively similar in their technology. That’s why it is possible to replicate almost all panels. But there are exceptions. Thin-film modules for example can often not be replicated at all.

This depends on the amount of modules and on how busy the manufacturer is at the time. On average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

The costs depend on the performance of the module, the type of solar cells and the amount needed. Older, smaller 4 or 5 inch solar cells are usually more expensive than the standard 6 inch cells. The glass also plays a large role. Solar panels made with pyramid glass or glass-glass modules are more expensive. Prices per panel differ accordingly. They can range from around €1.50 to €3.50/Wp. Request a quote for your modules now to be sure.

When a reproduction is not possible, we can still help you out. We can for example help you find new or secondhand panels to use instead. We can also make you a purchase offer for your PV modules. That way, you can use the money to invest in a new system.