What is SecondSol?

The online photovoltaic marketplace SecondSol focuses on the users. Our goal is to contribute to the success of renewable energies worldwide. Therefore SecondSol offers many useful services. Our users can buy products on the marketplace or offer their own products on it, find suitable service providers or offer their own services. 

The photovoltaic marketplace is born

In 2010 SecondSol was founded in Meiningen, Germany by Frank Fiedler and Stefan Wippich. They wanted to use the internet and create a real added value in trading photovoltaic products - by making searching and buying easier. The idea: to create the largest photovoltaic marketplace in the world.

The key to SecondSol's success lies in the way it works: user-orientedness, constant willingness to innovate, combined with long-term thinking. This philosophy has helped Secondsol to achieve strong growth in recent years. The company is now active throughout Europe and in many other countries.

Germany: The origin

Germany is SecondSol's strongest market in terms of sales. Since 2011 SecondSol has therefore also invested in its own warehouses and solar plants. At its headquarters in Meiningen, the company has more than 3000 sqm of storage space.

The photovoltaic marketplace

With its marketplace, SecondSol offers its users an efficient infrastructure for trading amongst themselves. In addition to the large selection of products, the marketplace offers a large photovoltaic industry directory, a bulletin board and various features such as an advertising agent and a wish list.

A further offer of SecondSol is the business directory for photovoltaic services. Operators of plants can quickly and easily find a suitable provider for tasks such as construction, repair, maintenance and cleaning.

The SecondSol Trade Network

Since the end of 2013, the SecondSol Trade Network has supported companies, insurance companies and operators of all sizes in the efficient purchase and sale of new and used photovoltaic products. With this service, SecondSol buys up warehouse goods, special items, insolvency assets and used products - for example from damage cases or the repowering of photovoltaic plants. This gives users the opportunity to quickly and easily clean up their inventory or better plan the renewal / repowering of plants.

Services tailored specifically to business users - such as the delivery of packaging materials, the packaging of products, and the dismantling and assembly of products - enable integration at various stages in repowering and repair projects.

Expertise for social purposes

SecondSol not only invests in its own solar plants, but also assumes social responsibility. The company promotes the social commitment of its own employees and supports social purposes with its contacts and infrastructure - such as the Biohaus Foundation of the solar pioneer Willi Ernst.