Solar energy has never been
more important than before

Words of inspiration:

It doesn‘t cost the world
to save the planet
- Professor Ottmar Edenhofer

Something about us

We love nature and what it has to offer us and want to protect it.

Why should we take anything away from her when she gives us so much? Also energy, that we can use for ourselves without much effort and without harming nature.

For us, solar systems are a great transitional solution on the way to sustainable living to protect nature more.

We also know that the manufacture of products that are required for solar systems consumes a lot of raw materials and energy and that this also affects nature in the mining areas.

Therefore, we take the view: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Appropriate spare parts should be available for defective solar systems. If possible, dismantled solar components should be given a second life. Components that are no longer required should be professionally recycled and integrated into a new raw material cycle.

But what is SecondSol now?


SecondSol is the largest PV online marketplace in Europe that promotes sustainable trade by letting its users buy and sell new and used items. In doing so, they make an active contribution to more sustainability. An average of over 1 million items are available in different categories - from photovoltaic modules to inverters and storage systems to cables and plugs.SecondSol offers both private individuals and companies the opportunity to present their products and services online.


SecondSol is also Europe's largest spare parts dealer. The company stores more than 250,000 photovoltaic spare parts on more than 8,000 square meters. Most of them are new PV modules from previous performance classes. SecondSol makes all products available via the online marketplace and delivers them worldwide so that operators can operate their photovoltaic systems successfully for 25 years and more.


So that used photovoltaic components can get a second life, SecondSol is also involved in the trade in used items. When buying these across Europe, the focus is primarily on quality. With the motto "No Electronic Waste To Africa", SecondSol has high standards for itself and its partners. This means that only products of a corresponding quality level are resold. Articles that do not meet this requirement are recycled by professional partners or disposed of properly.

We in numbers?
All right. Real quick:

45 k
4 k
Active sellers
1 M
Articles online
250 k
Own spare parts
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Our locations:



The location in Meiningen is the headquarters of SecondSol GmbH, where all spare parts are stored. From here, all spare parts are shipped worldwide and all central company functions are controlled.


We control our IT activities from Berlin as well as marketing and sales. Here, our team works daily on our online and social media presence. Global sales and marketing activities are also monitored and organized from here.

Our team

Frank Fiedler

Stefan Wippich

Who are the founders of SecondSol?

Why are you dealing with the topics reduce, recycle, reuse?
3 questions for the managing directors Frank and Stefan.

Frank Fiedler: I previously worked in the banking and securities segment as well as a shareholder and employee at an eCRM company.

Stefan Wippich: I have already worked in photovoltaics and mainly dealt with damage and repairs.

Stefan Wippich: We are a family and have therefore always been in close contact. My previous job gave me insight into things that didn't quite work.

Frank Fiedler: I have always been an entrepreneur and have been planning for some time to set up something of our own in the field of photovoltaics. With the knowledge of Stefan about the lack of spare parts in photovoltaics and my experience from software sales, it was clear to both of us that this was a unique opportunity. By combining them, we can solve a real problem and create a sustainable business model.

Frank Fiedler: We are from Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. For years we have been able to see what pollution and climate change are doing to our forests right on our doorstep. As a company, we simply want to make our contribution.

Stefan Wippich: I can only agree with that statement. It is quite simply a moral obligation. It is up to each of us to contribute as much as possible to using the available resources as often and as long as possible.

The team

Daniela Karn



Enrico Herbst



Steffi Fiedler



Ralf Baier



Henning Heyne


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