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Article no: 24225
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Date 2020.02.11

What to do when your PV system has been damaged by a storm

Strong winds, storms, and hurricanes can be a problem for every PV system.

Date 2020.01.28


The online platform SecondSol offers not only the newest products, but also older solar panels and discontinued products from insolvent manufacturers. The platform is therefore the perfect place for replacing damaged PV modules.

Date 2019.12.03

Was ist zu berücksichtigen beim Ersetzen einer PV-Anlage am selben Standort?

Was ist rechtlich zu berücksichtigen, wenn man eine Solaranlage am selben Standort ersetzt? Wann geht die EEG-Vergütung verloren?


Welcome to the SecondSol marketplace

On SecondSol you will find all the products you need for your photovoltaic system. It doesn't matter if you want to build a grid-connected system or an off-grid system.

On the photovoltaic marketplace you will find new and used products, which are listed by our users. We guarantee a large variety of products from well-known manufacturers. In addition to photovoltaic modules, you will also find the right inverter, battery or complete solution on our marketplace.

But users can also find products relating to PV thermics, mounting systems, solar cables, solar plugs, measuring instruments and tools as well as photovoltaic accessories for their PV systems on SecondSol.

As the largest marketplace, we also combine various decentralized energy solutions such as photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and electromobility. Customers will also find solar collectors, hot water tanks, charging stations, wall boxes and charging cables on the marketplace for their project in the field of renewable energies.

For installers and service providers, we offer an extensive business directory, so you can inform users at any time about your company and the services offered.

Private and commercial operators can use the marketplace to quickly and easily search for services and find a suitable provider. No matter whether it concerns the new building of a solar plant, the retrofitting of a storage tank or the cleaning, repair, maintenance, appraisal and/or disposal of a solar plant. Operators can also find a photovoltaic lawyer for legal questions.

These services are supplemented by the repair of inverters and the testing, repair replication of solar panels.