Testing crystalline solar modules

Play it safe and test your crystalline solar modules.

Testing crystalline solar modules

PV modules tested. Performance confirmed.

In order to guarantee their function and high yields, PV modules should be checked regularly. Processes such as flash, electroluminescence and thermography tests can be used to determine performance parameters and malfunctions. Possible damage can have different causes.

Types of damage

  • Reduced performance
  • Micro cracks, broken cells and inactive areas
  • Defective bypass diodes
  • Hotspots and other thermal anomalies
  • Manufacturing quality

Causes of damage

  • Transport
  • Incorrect installation
  • Hail & storm
  • Lightning / overvoltage

Test procedures

Flash test

This test shows the performance of the solar panel through high-power LED flashes.

Electroluminescence test

High-resolution electroluminescence images make fractures and microcracks on the solar cells visible.

Thermography test

A thermal imaging camera enables the detection of thermal anomalies in the solar cells in the photovoltaic module.

Errors that can be detected in the PV test centre:

Damage cause

Damage type

Transport damage

Installation damage

Damage caused by hail

Storm damage

Lightning / overvoltage damage

Reduced performance / loss of performance

Microcracks, brokencell, inactive areas

Defective bypass diodes

Hotspots and other thermal anomalies

Production quality

Our prices for the PV module test at the Meiningen site:

Basic processing fee:

80.00 €/module type (includes the necessary preparatory work, set-up times, programming, staff on site)

Testing costs for flash and electroluminescence measurement:

up to 20 modules:

24.00 €/module

20-40 modules:

20.00 €/module  

41-100 modules:

16.00 €/module

> 100 modules:

upon request

Measuring capacity per day: 80 - 100 measurements

The testing costs include the evaluation as well as the provision of performance data and electroluminescence images as PDF files.

Other services:

Cleaning of solar modules:

4.00 €/module

Module categorisation according to performance class:

1.50 €/module

Packaging (stretch film, banding):

15.00 €/pallet

Important information:

The data sheet and the connector type of the module to be tested must be submitted 5 days before the test date.

In order to get a usable result, the modules must be cleaned.

The modules must be delivered with a lifting platform. With self-delivery, loading and unloading is carried out by the customer.

The test results can be transmitted via dropbox or USB stick. If no USB stick is submitted or brought along, 12.00 €/USB stick will be charged.

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