Solar Storage

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Category: Lithium
Komplett Speichersystemkoponenten! Ohne Solarmodule, Unterkonstruktion, Solarkabel  

6.699,00 €/Stück

744.333 €/kWp

Available 5 pcs

Ad no.: 20519
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Category: Lithium
Hallo, wir verkaufen hier aus einer Fehlbestellung eines Energiekonzernes neue und OVP High End ...

4.000,00 €/Stück

2000.000 €/kWp

Available 3 pcs

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Category: Lithium
SOLARWATT MyReserve MyReserve 800Master 4,4 kWh ( Cluster ) 1 Stück MR800 Fertigerz.+Clu ...

3.000,00 €/Stück

681.818 €/kWp

Available 10 pcs

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Category: Lithium
LG Chem  RESU 13 - 48V Lithium-Ionen Speicher Neuware Beschreibung siehe Datenblatt in de ...

4.725,00 €/Stück

360.687 €/kWp

Available 5 pcs

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Capacity (ideal) 5.2 kWh (233 Ah) Module Energy Density 198 Wh/kg Discharge Current (max, 3s ...

1.100,00 €/Stück

211.538 €/kWp

Available 2 pcs

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Sistema di accumulo residenziaie al litio Design compatto e leggero Progettata per montaggio a ...

5.470,00 €/Stück

420.769 €/kWp

Available 8 pcs

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Solarwatt MyReserve Matrix 11 kWh Solarwatt Modulares Stromspeichersystem MyReserve Matrix NEU ...

7.380,00 €/Stück

670.909 €/kWp

Available 10 pcs

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BYD Battery-Plus HV 1.28 Batteriemodul  

575,00 €/Stück

449.219 €/kWp

Available 10 pcs

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Category: Lithium
Neu und Orginalverpackt mit Hersellergarantie Die Speicher lassen sich in 1.3 kW Blöcken ( ...

3.220,00 €/Stück

503.125 €/kWp

Available 2 pcs

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Solar Battery

​Solar Batteries

Solar batteries store the generated energy for later use, when the sun is not shining. When buying a solar battery, you can choose between lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and gell-cells. Depending on how your photovoltaic array is set up and which inverter you have chosen, you can choose between an AC or DC battery. Wheter you are looking for an AC solar battery or a DC solar battery for your new array or as a spare part; SecondSol has the right device for more independence in your solar energy generation.


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