Photovoltaic System Checks

Play it safe with a professional
PV system check.

Photovoltaic measuring and testing

To guarantee a good quality and high yields, solar panels should be checked regularly. With tests like flash tests, electroluminescence tests and thermography tests, performance and faults can be discovered. Potential damages can have different causes.

Kinds of damages

  • Decreased performance
  • Micro cracks, broken cells or inactive areas
  • Faulty bypass diodes
  • Hotspots and other thermal anomalies
  • Manufacturing quality

Damage causes

  • Transport damages
  • Installation damages
  • Hail & storm
  • Lightning / overvoltage


Flash test

This test maps the performance of your solar panel through high-performance LED flashes.

Electroluminescence test

High-resolution electroluminescence recordings make fractures and micro cracks on the solar cells visible.

Thermography test

A thermal imaging camera allows the detection of thermal anomalies in the solar cells in the photovoltaic module.

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