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Buy a photovoltaic system for more independence and flexibility.

New construction of solar plants

Sunshine turns into electricity: The construction of a PV system makes ecological and economic sense.

A PV system uses the inexhaustible energy of the sun to generate electricity and thereby contributes to CO2 savings. The solar technology is mature and is also subsidised by the state. You can use the generated electricity yourself or sell it for a fixed feed-in tariff. The feed-in tariff is still the main source of income for a solar system. All in all, it is worth it to invest in a PV system.

PV system construction by a professional

A PV system can be installed on almost any roof facing South, East or West. On a typical single-family house, on average, systems with a size of 5 kilowatts are built. Depending on the equipment, the construction of a system of this size costs between 6,000 and 8,000 Euros. There are different sources of funding.

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