Photovoltaic Insurance

Always adequately protected with a special photovoltaic insurance.

Photovoltaic Insurance

The photovoltaic insurance protects against expensive damage.

A PV system is a valuable investment that should be insured like a car or house. Although solar systems require little maintenance, components can break down and a weather event such as heavy hail damages even the best system. Normally, a PV system is insured immediately after construction, or when purchased. The insurance is then based on the value of the equipment in new condition. With each year of operation, the real value of a PV system decreases.

Photovoltaic insurance from an expert

There are numerous insurances for PV systems. Let us advise you best. Incidentally, the price of photovoltaic components has fallen sharply in recent years. So please remember to take a close look at an existing insurance policy. Maybe it can be negotiated on better terms.

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