Recycling Photovoltaics Protect the environment with professional photovoltaic disposal.

Disposal & recycling  

PV system not for the normal trash 

The first systems are currently coming into their years and must be replaced. However, disposal and recycling are a complex issue. The legal requirements are inconsistent, the costs are difficult to define and PV products also consist of many different materials such as glass, aluminium, silicon and metals such as lead, copper, gallium and cadmium. Every component must be treated differently, regardless of whether it is recycled or disposed of.

Professional PV system recycling

The individual materials are separated and reused when PV systems and especially solar cells are properly recycled. If only disposal is possible, it must also be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner. Such services are provided by specialized companies. Let us inform you about the possibilities, after which you can hire a suitable specialist.

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