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Category: CIS / CIGS
Würth Solar WSG036E080 / Würth Solar WSG 036 E 080 / Würth Solar WSG 03 ...

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Category: CdTe
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Ad no.: 21999
Category: a-Si
Hanergy HNS-ST-55-60 - Rahmenloses Glas/Glas Dünnschicht Solarmodule +++ NEUWARE +++&n ...

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Available 1600 pcs

Ad no.: 21977
Category: CIS / CIGS
Detaillierte Beschreibung siehe Datenblatt1000 Stück vorhanden. Auch noch 20 Wechselrichter ...

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Ad no.: 21957
Category: CIS / CIGS
Solibro SL2 Generation 2.3 Ungerahmt 140 Wp / Solibro SL 2 -  G2.3 140Wp UF Das Solibr ...

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Ad no.: 21914
Category: CIS / CIGS
Solibro SL2-F G1.4 125 Wp / Solibro SL 2 - F G 1.4 125Wp Das Solibro SL2-F G2.2 ist ein D&u ...

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Ad no.: 21913
Category: Thin-film
Neue, unbenutzte, original verpackte SolarmoduleHersteller: CSG SolarTyp CSG-85verfügbare A ...

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Ad no.: 21830
Category: CIS / CIGS
We offer used CIGS thin film modules, QCELLS Q.SMART UF L 105 and QCELLS Q.SMART UF L 110, with ...

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Ad no.: 21828
Category: Thin-film
Module im guten Zustand

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Category: CdTe
Nach Abbau einer 350 kW Anlage ca. 5000 Module des Typs FS-272 zu verkaufen.Messung von 50 Modul ...

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Available 5000 pcs

Ad no.: 21708

Thin-Film Module​Thin-Film Modules

Thin-film PV modules are often made out of amorphous or chrystalline silicon, but cadmium telluride, gallium arsenide and copper indium gallium selenide are also used. In the manufacturings process, a thin film of the chosen material is vapor-deposited onto the carrier material. Thin-film modules are recognizable by their uniform surface and the pinstripe pattern. Due to their lower efficiency and low costs, thin-film modules are often used for larger areas. Buy your aSi, CdTe, CSG, CIS or CIGS modules now on the SecondSol marketplace.


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