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We are the top solar water heater manufacturer & supplier in Vadodara. We provide Solar Water Heater in Vadodara, Gujarat for residential & commercial use.


Solar Water Heating System may supply hot water for a variety of uses in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors by utilizing solar thermal energy. Normally, the collector is maintained on the roof, preferably towards the south. Pumps transport domestic water via collectors and into the residence indirect circulation systems. They are effective in places where the ground seldom freezes. Pumps circulate a non-freezing heat-transfer fluid through collectors and a heat exchanger in indirect circulation systems. This warms the water, which then enters the house. They are popular in areas where temperatures can drop below freezing.


Collector of flat plates:

Glazed flat-plate collectors are weatherproofed, insulated boxes with a dark absorber plate hidden under one or more glass or plastic (polymer) coverings. Unglazed flat-plate collectors, which are commonly used for solar pool heating, contain a dark absorber plate composed of metal or polymer that is not covered or encased.


Collector-storage systems with integrated collectors:

Coldwater is first preheated by passing it through the solar collector. The water is then sent to the standard backup water heater, which provides a consistent stream of hot water. They should only be put in mild-freeze areas since the exterior pipes can freeze in extreme temperatures.

Solar collectors using evacuated tubes:


They are made up of parallel rows of clear glass tubes. Each tube is made up of a glass outer tube and a metal absorber tube that is linked to a fin. The coating on the fin captures solar energy while preventing radiative heat loss.