Artificial Intelligence - Diagnostics for Solar Energy

  • Full automatic diagnostics of all components
  • Increase revenue by 2.5-6%
  • Decrease O&M costs by 12-20%
  • Frictionless process, no hardware
Contact us now and get a 20% discount for a pilot!

Contact us now and get a 20% discount for a pilot

What is DeepSolarTM?

As simple as that...


No more second guessing, know exactly how to optimize your solar plant.

In order to crack the data insights, we use Artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and mathematical models that reference the electrical system without the need for human intervention.


All insights are ROI driven and fully quantified, include underperforming modules, maintenance on demand (dust + grass), disconnected catiles, FID, temperature eoetncrent, MPFT/Inverter elhciency, tracking systems and many more

The result is maximized performance and maintenance of solar assets, leading to increased yield and decreased opemtional costs


Tested and validated on 1Gw of plants


Raycatch is a Pure SaaS product that provides actionable prescriptions to operators & owners of solar plants that can significantly enhance and optimize their project yield.
All insights are ROI driven and fully quantified, include panels still under vendor warranty but out of spec, maintenance on demand (dust + grass), disconnected cables, PID, temperature coefficient, MPPT/Inverter efficiency, tracking systems movement quality and more.
NO. Raycatch is not a monitoring solution. Monitoring solutions produce visualizations of the collected data. However, better visualization of the data doesn’t bring increased profit. In contrast, Raycatch’s ability to clean the noise and translate the data into specific and quantifiable O&M action items accurately maximizes plant yield.
We are working with all different monitoring solution, without interfering their daily functions.
It depends on the project, but we aim to take 10% of the upside added yield that we provide.
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