Repowering - What to do with the old products?

Secondary use of used modules, inverters, etc. increases the profitability of repowering projects.

With increasing age, errors and defects in photovoltaic systems become more frequent. The business of repowering of photovoltaic systems has therefore steadily grown in recent years. Not only small PV systems on private and commercial roofs have been exchanged, but also entire solar parks. 


Minimum import price for Chinese solar modules ends

Whereas in the past it was usually thin-film modules that were exchanged for crystalline modules, the abolition of the EU anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on photovoltaic modules now opens up completely new possibilities for operators and managers of photovoltaic systems. Due to the reduced prices, projects can now be realised that weren’t profitable before.


Secondary use instead of disposal

In order to make projects even more profitable, however, the old models should also be included in the calculations. These often have a limited functionality, but can be used without problems in other photovoltaic systems. 

Purchase of used products

Request the best price for used photovoltaic modules, inverters and other products without any obligation. We would be pleased to assist you during disassembly with our SecondSol assembly partners.


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