Service Partner Wanted

We are looking for a service partner in the Netherlands for an operator of photovoltaic systems

Servicepartner Wanted

Timely reactive maintenance, with speed and availability being key:

  • Localize isolation faults on the DC side of individual inverter and strings
  • Install temporary DC string cables in case of cable faults
  • Switching back on tripped inverter, following electrical tests
  • Use a laptop to re-establish live data monitoring (with telephone assistance of the control room / live data centre)


Corrective maintenance

  • Replace broken PV modules, repair defect MC connectors, clean clogged inverter filter pads,…
  • Swapping inverters, including electrical tests of both DC and AC sides



  • Receive freight deliveries for replacing inverters or modules and bring them to the site
  • Pick up and ship replacement deliveries from storage locations to respective sites
  • The ability to carry heavy (inverter) or bulky (PV module) items on site


In all cases it is compulsory to have:

  • A risk-aware attitude
  • The willingness to stay an hour longer, if it takes an hour longer
  • Understand that documentation is key, as to show what has been done



  • must haves are multimeter, clamp on ammemeters and a set of mechanical tools;
  • …and for DC measurements for example the Benning PV 1.1/2/3 or similar product from another manufacturer
  • …and an Fluke 1654b or a similar product from a different manufacturer for the AC side


Finally: A bit of curiosity always helps. Discovering solutions for initially unknown problems can actually be fun!

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