Photovoltaic Repairs

PV Repairs
Hail, thunder, lightning and overvoltage: only some of the causes of damage in solar modules. But damages like defective bypass diodes, charres outlets, bent or cracked frames or scratched panels don't always mean the end of your solar module. Damages like this can often be repaired in a workshop or in a test and repair center.

Recognizing issues early on enables you to quickly handle, avoiding real, major damage. Your system’s performance is retained, your yields are secured and a long, smooth life span is ensured for your PV system.

Our service partners not only standard tests and repairs, but also complicated procedures for all aspects of your PV system. Whether you want to reframe your solar panel; repair junction boxes, circuit boards or diodes; repair cables or connectors; re-coat your panels backsheets; repower your system; update your systems firmware; exchange components; heal PID (potential induced degradation); optimise your strings or rewire your PV system, the right service provider can take care of everything for you.

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Solar Repairs

In our business directory, you can find a service provider near you to repair your solar panels or other parts of your PV system. These businesses often offer testing services as well, so you'll know exactly what state your product is in before and after the repair.

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