Solar Testing

Photovoltaic Measuring and Testing

To guarantee a good quality and high yields, solar panels should be checked and maintained regularly. Modern tests give information about different kinds of damages and their causes.

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Kinds of Damages

-          Decreased performance

-          Micro cracks, broken cells and inactive areas

-          Faulty bypass diodes

-          Hotspots and other thermic abnormalities

-          Manufacturing quality

Causes of Damages

-          Transport damages

-          Integration damages

-          Hail damages

-          Storm damages

-          Lightning damages / overvoltage


Performance Test

Performance Tests

This test maps the performance of your solar panel through high-performance LED flashes.

Electroluminescence Test

Electroluminescence Tests

High-resolution electroluminescence recordings make fractures and micro cracks on the solar cells visible.

Thermographic Test

Thermographic Test

A thermal imaging camera allows the detection of thermal anomalies in the solar cells in the photovoltaic module.

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