Finding the perfect service for retrofitting a solar battery!

A photovoltaic system uses the energy from the sun and converts it into ecofriendly electricity. In most cases, the generated green energy is directly fed in to the public electricity supply system. But of course personal use is also customary, in which case the problem of the moment of generation versus the moment of use arises.

Why retrofit a solar battery?

A battery enables you to immediately store your generated electricity and use it at a later time. This way, cheaply generated electricity can also be used at night. A solar battery therefore makes you more independent from your electricity provider and increases your personal use.

Is my PV system suited for a battery?

Theoretically every solar system can be fitted with a battery. Depending on the used technology, an AC or DC battery is needed. The size of the battery depends mostly on your electricity consumption. Especially operators who consume most energy at night gain a lot from a battery.

Is a solar battery worth it for me?

Prices for solar batteries really went down the last couple of years. Since the end of 2016, prices have been so good that one kilowatt hour (kWh) generated in a pv system and stored in a solar battery, is cheaper than standard electricity from a provider.

Finding the perfect solar service provider

Choosing the right service provider for you own solar system is not easy and can get tricky due to the large pool of candidates. Through SecondSol, you can get a free quote, offering you a selection of capable service providers to choose from. Reqest a free quote now!